11 Sep
You know where you are when your day turns from ordinary to wish I had a redo?!
My day fell into the redo category quickly. 
It began with a school aid having to pry my daughter off of me when I dropped her off this morning.  Anni has adamantly decided she does not like school and would rather stay home and draw all day.  She also has a rather rigid teacher for her first grade year and Anni is adjusting to new expectations.  This is the aspect of parenting that is difficult; teaching your child to nurture their sensitivity in tandem with  adaptation of structure.  Academic settings in the elementary schools do not typically foster emotional sentiment and creative endeavors.
Next pitfall was my physical discomfort while marathon training.  I am having recurrent stomach issues while running that make performance arduous.  It’s beyond frustration when the human body reminds us how vulnerable we are.  This leads to my next sidenote; time is so limited.  Self explanatory, my to do’s seem longer than the wane of daylight hours.
Other WTF today, my husband flys out again for work tomorrow.  With only a day’s notice, I feel tired.  When I vented to a friend, she remarked “at least he has a job in this economy.”  Sometimes these remarks minimize the aggravation one feels privy to express.  Yes, truth be told we are lucky my husband is gainfully employed.  However I felt like telling my friend that was not the irritant expressed so let’s focus on the topic.  
To wrap it up the direct tv technician arrived unexpected as my dog decided to go on a garbage binder in the neighborhood.  I broke three Pyrex containers.  As they shattered in the kitchen my three-year old urinated on the couch. 
Just when I wanted to lock myself in the bathroom and drown myself in my uncleaned toilet I hear a tribute on tv for the victim’s families of September 11th. 
 Here is what is important; I am able-bodied and can run for accomplishment not out of need, a marriage based on respect and commitment, children with big ideas that may lead to even bigger dreams, a home that is so much more than a house and friends wise enough enough to express their love not just their opinions. 

One Response to “Perspective”

  1. Megan Pikula September 13, 2012 at 6:59 pm #

    I need to keep such clarity in mind. Your writing truly inspires me and all those who read it.

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