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Michael McDermott Concert

7 Dec
Not so long ago my friend and I went to a  M. McDermott show at a small venue.  Our Memorial Opera House has recently become a place for many types of performances, and it proved the perfect space to see such a prolific singer/songwriter.
Growing up, I was surrounded by the music of poets;  Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Pete Seger.  I remember sitting in front of my parents’ record player listening to John Denver, all the while staring at his young face and perfectly round spectacles.  I can close my eyes and still visualize the album cover in my hands. 
When Michael McDermott began playing, I was transported back to my parent’s house, buckled parquet flooring leaving marks on my knees as I kneeled before the hundred or so records of some of the best singer/songwriters of all time.  I was transfixed by McDermott’s lyrics and the poetry of the music.  I could imagine  McDermott’s exterior; the streets of Chicago, riding the L, playing the Double Door. 
I was enamoured by McDermott’s honesty regarding his struggles with addiction, the awe experienced in parenthood, and the way he has used music to express his questions about mortality and passion.  Throughout the concert he would stop to reminisce and expand on the songs rhetoric.  His set was engaging, hilarious and at moments painfully raw as he would disclose his trials.  With his wife by his side playing the violin, the audience was enthralled by the love McDermott expresses through his music. 
Check him out-thCA1M9WHO

-Megan Pikula guest post

Tin Tin Tin

24 Jul
I randomly happened upon this site and am overjoyed at the discovery!  My best friend and myself ordered a plan to make napkin rings!  I hope we don’t encounter issues while making our sweet rings like severed fingers-yikes!

Project PDFs

Below are downloadable, printable PDFs of projects that you can make! Each listing tells you how many instruction pages, pattern pages, and step-by-step photos you’ll get with your purchase, as well as what tools and materials you’ll need for the project. There is a difficulty rating on each project to help guide you as well. Have fun with it and build away!

Wow watermelon

6 Jun
This is a little guy so you don’t want to laugh inappropriately but yikes…

Must see micro cabin

17 May

I love small, sleek spaces.  I was a big fan of the show ‘small spaces big style’ on HGTV.  It featured small living spaces, typically under 1000 square feet that were well designed.  This Danish micro cabin is my new passion and I picture my friends family and my family with a stretch of property and little über funky micro cabins. 


Micro Cabin in Finland

Built overlooking a lake in Finland, this cabin, nicknamed “Nido,” was designed and built by Robin Falck to enjoy once out of the military. It took a while to design and Falck consulted with a couple of architects to get everything right, but the results are phenomenal.

Micro Cabin in Finland

Finland has regulations that restrict cabins and small houses from being larger than 96-128 square feet if they are being built without a permit. Falck was able to build a 96-square-foot cabin with a 50-square-foot loft space that houses the bed and stores clothing. Using mostly recycled materials, the entire cabin was built for around $10,500 plus the labor. Amazing!

Micro Cabin in Finland

Micro Cabin in Finland

Micro Cabin in Finland

Amendment one

7 May

My brother sent me this.  We both agreed it’s awesome to see someone you least expect to stand up for what they think is right.   I believe it’s absolutely wrong to change the constitution to benefit right-wing conservatives.  It is immoral to discriminate against individuals due their sexual orientation.  This is a political hate campaign against the gay community.  People in support of this amendment are a religious group of narrow-minded people who want to force the total population to ascribe to their beliefs.  I think if this passes, someday we will look back at this and find comparison to the Jim Crow laws that discriminated against African American’s.  We must learn from history and not be forever doomed to repeat it. 

 Dr. William Barber. Screenshot from Youtube.

The president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s North Carolina chapter strongly condemned Amendment One, an amendment that would define marriage in the state as only between a man and woman, Sunday afternoon.

Rev. William Barber described his opposition to the amendment in a passionate sermon at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Greensboro, North Carolina. Barber was among 100 black clergy figures displaying their united stance against Amendment One.

“I tried to find somewhere where the Lord discriminated against people, even if he didn’t agree with them,” Barber said. “And I found out that God gives every human being certain constitutional rights, that can’t nobody revoke. You know, those rights that just come with being a human. You know, like the one that says that allows to sun to shine on the just and unjust.”

 “God gives everybody constitutional rights, to air, and sun, and rain and existence. So your motivation to the polls should be, ‘How dare some human being tried to give folks less rights than God himself? How dare us take our puny little human document and try to write something, an appalling human document, that’s less than God, who made us, does?’ That ought to be your motivation.”

Barber didn’t restrict himself to just Biblical references to chastise Amendment One, which would also ban same sex civil unions and domestic partnerships, to galvanize those against the measure.

“Harriet Tubman got 500 folks out of slavery, and she didn’t have Twitter,” he said. And she didn’t have Facebook. From now to Tuesday, you ought to call everybody you know. From now to Tuesday, you ought to text everybody you know. From now to Tuesday, you ought to email everybody you know. From now to Tuesday, you ought to Facebook everybody you know. From now to Tuesday, you ought to MySpace everybody you know. From now to Tuesday, you ought to tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet.”

Barber and fellow black clergy figures’ opposition to Amendment One in North Carolina contradicts the plan by the National Organization of Marriage to intentionally cause a rift between black and LGBT.

The amendment is on the ballot for the North Carolina primary on Tuesday.

Why does this pic terrify me

7 May

I wonder less about the subject matter and more about the photographer.  The entire pic is unsettling like the movie ‘Blue Velvet.’  This pic reminds me of neighbors my husband and I once had; two brothers, one named Tank and the other pale and lurked about holding a cat.  I’m not making this up; recently I drove a girlfriend past the neighborhood and sure enough both brothers were as described on their front porch.  They were in exactly the same spot as when we moved from the neighborhood.  At our home closing the new buyers of our home asked after we had signed papers, “okay, now tell us about the neighbors.”  We laughed because sometimes people are notoriously odd.     

Gothic lurker

6 May

This dude may be a trigger pull away from lunacy.  Yikes!

Food with friends

30 Apr

Sometimes we become friends with people and we feel as thought we have known them for ages.  I met a couple of woman when my daughter went to preschool with their children.  My husband and I have become closely acquainted with their husbands as well, and all fell into a rhythm of enjoying one another.  This sounds like we are a group of swingers, not so and get your mind out of the gutter.  It’s all very g rated.  This past winter the three families went on a ski vacation together and had such a great time we are hoping to make it a yearly event.  I’m pleasantly surprised by the friendships because I have found it difficult to emotionally connect with people the older I become.  I am somewhat of a curmudgeon and think time is too precious to spend it trying to crack the egg and figure what’s inside.  Sometimes people start to reveal their idiosyncracies and I think to myself, ‘I would rather be crocheting and watching storage wars.’  This group is quirky, intelligent and I cherish the friendships.  Last weekend we spent the evening at a fantastic Indian restaurant and then listened to a Beatles’ cover band.  Pass the nan friends…

Life at it’s most hilarious

29 Apr

Absolutely, hands down the funniest pic I have seen in quite some time.  It reminds me of a seventeen hour bus trip I took  home after working on Mackinaw Island one summer.  Really dude, just ass out in your tighties…


Colored pencils vase art

22 Apr
Spring in Australia brings an abundance of our floral emblem, the Golden Wattle. My grade threes attempted still life drawing for the first time with jars of wattle cut from trees around the school. We used lead pencils and green and brown textas to draw the jars, stems and leaves onto white card. They then dabbed on yellow tempera paint with a small brush to try to create the fluffy texture of the flower. When complete, we carefully cut out the drawings and glued a heavy cardboard stand to the back to make our vases stand atop the bookcases. –Useyourcolouredpencilsblogspot

I love this blog, the inspiration is taken from elementary students artwork!  Nothing brings me a sense of peace more than watching my girls creating art and enjoying the process.  My daughter Anni and her friend Emily could paint, bead, draw and sew little projects for hours on end.  They are imaginative little artist’s!