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My new online Etsy shop

27 Nov
It seems I have put the blog on a backburner to focus on another passion; my little online store on Etsy.  The shop is; we sell handmade, repurposed do dads. 
Welcome to “Muck a Duck” our online store for jewelry, pillows, and art. Everything is handmade using repurposed materials in addition to new elements.
We met at the age of sixteen and realized we were kindred spirits. Partially due the fact we know too much about one another we have remained loyal compadres.
At various times in our lives we married, had careers as an attorney and a social worker, had some savage beasts we love as children and then returned to our roots-soul surfing.   We create tid bits and throw it into the world and hope someone appreciates it. Thanks for following our misguided adventures.
This started as a happy accident  that became a little business.  Feel free to send us a shout out and check in with us as we add new b’s to our baubles.
Check out the shop and give me your feedback!