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Michael McDermott Concert

7 Dec
Not so long ago my friend and I went to a  M. McDermott show at a small venue.  Our Memorial Opera House has recently become a place for many types of performances, and it proved the perfect space to see such a prolific singer/songwriter.
Growing up, I was surrounded by the music of poets;  Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Pete Seger.  I remember sitting in front of my parents’ record player listening to John Denver, all the while staring at his young face and perfectly round spectacles.  I can close my eyes and still visualize the album cover in my hands. 
When Michael McDermott began playing, I was transported back to my parent’s house, buckled parquet flooring leaving marks on my knees as I kneeled before the hundred or so records of some of the best singer/songwriters of all time.  I was transfixed by McDermott’s lyrics and the poetry of the music.  I could imagine  McDermott’s exterior; the streets of Chicago, riding the L, playing the Double Door. 
I was enamoured by McDermott’s honesty regarding his struggles with addiction, the awe experienced in parenthood, and the way he has used music to express his questions about mortality and passion.  Throughout the concert he would stop to reminisce and expand on the songs rhetoric.  His set was engaging, hilarious and at moments painfully raw as he would disclose his trials.  With his wife by his side playing the violin, the audience was enthralled by the love McDermott expresses through his music. 
Check him out-thCA1M9WHO

-Megan Pikula guest post