DIY lolly shirt

29 Jul

I whipped this up today while chatting about bug procreation with my six-year-old.  Kidd not, my daughter comes up with the most random, hilarious questions.  Today as I sewed she asked me how ‘squishy’ bugs have babies.  I digress, saw the tutorial on and immediately thought Rosie would look adorable in a lolly tee!

Both versions are quick and easy and can be made with small scraps! Yay! Brooklyn’s is made with scraps of old t-shirts.
And Paige’s version is a swirly reverse applique. A bit of ribbon and tulle finish them off!
To make a reverse applique lolly:
1. Cut a scrap of fabric slightly larger than your design and pin it to the inside of the front of the shirt with the right side facing down.
2. Turn the shirt right side out and use a sewing pen or quilter’s chalk to draw a swirl on the front.
3. Sew the fabrics together along the swirly pattern.
4. Use sharp scissors to cut in between each layer of swirly stitches.
5. Trim away extra as needed as evenly as possible. (Gently slide scissors backward slightly as you cut for a more even cut.)
6. Pin a few inches of ribbon to lollipop, folding under the edges, and sew on with a ribbon or tulle bow on top.
The curled-up edges probably won’t appear until your shirt has gone through the wash. (Or not at all if it’s ribbed knit.) And don’t worry about the unfinished edges; they won’t fray!

To make a scrappy lolly:
1. Cut .5″ strips of t-shirt knit in three different colors.
2. Draw your lollipop onto the front of the shirt with a sewing pen or quilter’s chalk.
3. Pin the first color on and sew it to your shirt along the drawn lines.
4. Pin and sew the next color right next to the first.
5. Repeat for the third color.
6. Finish by sewing on a few inches of ribbon with the raw edges folded under and a ribbon or tulle bow.

2 Responses to “DIY lolly shirt”

  1. pillowsalamode July 29, 2012 at 11:22 pm #

    Whoa! Are those ever cute!!! I must try this! 🙂

    • loosygoosey July 29, 2012 at 11:29 pm #

      I know-wish I had more patience with sewing. I have only made one and would love to make more:)

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