DIY peonies

11 Jul
Here is a really beautiful craft and the tutorial from is easy to follow!
 Peony Hair Clip Tutorial!
Here it is, as promised!

A simple little tutorial, for a simple little flower :o)

Inspired by one of my favorite flowers. Peonies are so vibrant and happy looking. If flowers had personalities, I just know peonies would be outgoing and optimistic! :O)

To make some of your own:

  • Cut six circles of nylon chiffon for a medium flower cut 4″, 3″, and 2″ circles.
  • Carefully hold a circle over a flame just long enough to crinkle a little bit
  • Repeat for each circle.
  • Stack them on top of each other, with smallest on top.
  • Choose a center bead, and stitch it through all the layers! All done!

Thank you all for the advice about where to buy the clips! Since I don’t have a beauty supply store in town, I improvised for now by gluing one side of a snap onto my single unadorned clip. Then I added the other side of the snap to each of my flowers.
(if you try this, use super-duper glue-hot glue won’t cut it!)

Now I can just change it out! Yay!


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