DIY hair Bows

9 Jul
Thought these looked super darling so I whipped up a few last night.  I needed an easy project as I am still getting back into the swing of things after a long vacation!  I found the tutorial on
Welcome to “Simple Projects” week on Ruffles and Stuff!
Today’s project is simple bow hair clips!
A long time ago I saw simple hair bows like these for sale and I thought: “how easy would that be??”. And I was so right, they were ridiculously easy.
Like, easy enough to make one in every color. For every outfit!
There are two different styles, both made with only two tiny scraps of felt. Nice!
For a more traditional style bow:
1. Cut a 1″ x 7″ strip and a tiny scrap to go around the middle (aprox. 1.5″ x .5″)
2. Cut a “v” out of each end and slit one slit about .5″ from the end.
3. Slide opposite end through slit.
4.-5. flatten top and wrap the little piece around the middle.
6. Glue.
Then glue to a bobby pin, barrette or ribbon covered clip:
The next style (my favorite) is even easier!
1. Cut out a rectangle and round off the corners.
2.-3. Pinch middle and wrap scrap piece around.
4. Glue to a clip.
Bam. Done. :o)

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