DIY funky braided bracelet

20 Jun
I saw this bracelet tutorial on  The possibilities are endless, I would love to try one with fabric and weave in some beads and copper wire!
braided bracelets

This is what you’ll need for an adult size leather bracelet. (You might have to adjust depending on the material you use, so make sure to do a try-out before cutting ends.):

– a 52cm long strip of fabric or leather shoe lace
– a second strip of fabric or leather shoe lace of approximately 95 cm
– a big-eyed  needle
– a cylindrical object to hold the loop so your project stays put while braiding (the neck of an Elmer’s glue bottle works just fine; when out on the beach, the finger of a helper’s hand might do the trick as well)

braided bracelets1


1. Fold both strands in half and place the shorter one on top of the longer one as shown in picture 2.
2. Start braiding as shown in pictures 3 through 8, making sure to pull the strings evenly – I made my bracelet really tight but you could make a looser version by pulling less on the strings you braid with.
3. Continue like this until you reach the end of the strands you’re braiding with.
4. Hide the loose ends in the braid as shown in pictures 10-11, using a big-eyed needle.
5. Tie a overhand knot in both remaining loose ends as shown in pictures 12-14 and here.
6. Put it around your wrist, pull one of the ends through the loop and  (have someone help you to) make a double knot and your bracelet is ready to wear!


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