Jelly bowl chandeliers by Madeleine Boulesteix

18 May

When I saw this website, my first thought was how much I wanted to duplicate one of these beautiful chandeliers.  I love eclectic design and these are the epitome of an assortment.  Have not found time to make one, will post it when I do…

Jelly Bowl Lanterns

I wanted to expand my range and make a shape that worked well using a single pendant bulb, in contrast to the upright candle bulbs of the teacup chandeliers. I also wanted it to house a low energy bulb well aesthetically because they will become standard bulbs as concerns on energy consumption grow.

I made my first Jelly Bowl lantern seeing the round, ridged glass as a perfect vessel for light. Incidentally you can lift out the bowl of each piece to wash out dead moths and flies and return it to the lantern, but you could also make a jelly with it before it’s return!

This new style has allowed me to use objects that have been knocking around the studio for some time waiting for their vocation. These include cutlery for the first time, lovely old fish forks and knives, some with nicotine stain coloured handles. I have also used rusty and tarnished metals. There is such beauty in their patina and they seem to sit well with beads and pearl and chunky old glass oblong drops, which somehow look more opulent because they’re chipped.

These are one-offs because I use such particular items, this means they are unrepeatable, however in some cases it is possible to make something very similar. They are all individually priced so please contact me, Madeleine Bouleteix for details.

Jelly Bowl chandelier
Rust Bucket chandelier
Lolly-pop spoon chandelier

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