Exciting embroidered items-whoop whoop

6 May

I love embroidered clothes; it adds a little bedazzlement to children’s clothes and embellishes boring adornments.  Here’s a fun tutorial from Lime Riot for a quirky elephant…

I start my felt hoops by sketching out the design I want to make. Google image search is great for finding clip art outlines to use as a starting point for the sketch.

Then I trace each of the individual pieces of the sketch onto trace paper. You can see in this pic that I’ve broken apart each piece (ear, leg, body,etc) of the little ellie.

Next, I cut out the traced pieces along with the felt piece. When it comes to felt, I like to use “fancy felt” from the lovely Etsy shop, Giant Dwarf.

Then I put all the pieces back together again and place them on the fabric I’ve selected. I like putting the hoop on at this time so I make sure the design fits well within it.
I use a fabric glue stick to attach all of the felt pieces. This keeps all the tiny bits from slipping or falling off when you start stitching.

Now it’s time to stitch! I use 2 strands of DMC and a whip stitch around the outside of each felt piece. I go up through the fabric and then down through the felt. This keeps the felt fuzz to a minimum.

Once you’ve got everything tacked down, you can embellish the design with additional stitches, buttons, stamps or whatever!
Girl’s sleep shirt

One Response to “Exciting embroidered items-whoop whoop”

  1. DIY in Design May 7, 2012 at 12:34 am #

    That is so cute! And it looks a lot easier than I expected. I might just have to give it a try!


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