Inspiration or Rip off

3 May

I have heard it said ‘imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.’  A little imitation-okay we will call that admiration, a lotta imitation is nonsensical malarkey.  Originality is important; it’s a vital aspect of self-expression.  I encourage my girls to pick out their clothes, find activities that they enjoy, and promote choices that bid conscious thought.  Even at the tender age of five, my daughter seems to have a concrete idea how to assert her unique characteristics. 

This said the other day I walked outside my side door and found a neighbor with paint swatches matching colors to my siding and foundation colors.  I smiled and dismissed the irritation that surfaced.  I can’t imagine it a difficult decision to pick out something you like.  There is no right or wrong answer, it’s based on personal preference. 

Here’s to my next point; giving credit where it is due.  Some people are bold-faced rip off’s without an ounce of consideration for the original thought.  Okay, easy enough to do in our hum drum lives.  I love blue jeans but I did not create pants.  However, there is no excuse for mass marketing giants to rip off artisans.  One of my closest girlfriends showed me the most unusual succulent planters.  She found them in a shop called Plaid Pigeon on Etsy!  She has an amazing eye and what a happy accident to find something so quirky!  Here’s the small world connection; while on a trip to Texas I was at a craft fair.  There were dozens of travel trailers set up, and I ventured upon the design duo Plaid Pigeon!  I called my friend and we laughed at the seven degrees with which the world brings us all together. 

Now, I see that Dwell Studio as well as a few other brands are ripping off Plaid Pigeon!  Shame Shame Shame corporate giants; outsourcing your products oversea’s and not working with the original artist’s.  It is a moral and ethical crime to fraudulently copy someone’s work!  How uninspired these brands have become; to worry more about the bottom line than the creative genius that conceives these pieces.   

Plaid Pigeon


3 Responses to “Inspiration or Rip off”

  1. Megan Pikula May 3, 2012 at 4:37 pm #

    So so so true!

  2. twyla January 31, 2013 at 12:16 am #

    wanna know what’s worse than this? Plaid Pigeon ripped off so many etsy customer by not shipping their order, to a point that their etsy customer feedback was reduced to 48% thus prompting ETSY to shut them down. They got too greedy and posted more items for sale than they could fulfill. when their etsy shop closed, they took the money and ran, refusing to respond to any emails or angry facebook posts. Then months later they resurfaced at a texas weekend fair selling planters whilst still not fulfilling any previous etsy orders nor refunding us our money. Moreover since they can no longer re-establish their etsy account, they’ve decided to run their own online shop mid-2012.

    They gave their facebook page a facelift as well by wiping clean the barrage of previous angry facebook posts from etsy customers…never once addressing the complaints as if none of it happened. I’ve even posted follow up questions after they cleaned up their facebook, only to have my posts removed immediately afterwards. Gee, i wonder why their facebook page is no longer in existance???

    So if you want to call anything a rip off, this is the biggest rip off of all. yes they created something original, but their fraudulent actions by stealing money from people has really made me think twice of shopping mom/pop online. These crooks do not deserve your sympathy. I and many others still have got gotten our refunds from our etsy purchase and its been nearly 2 years. yay for supporting mom and pop businesses!

    • loosygoosey January 31, 2013 at 12:30 am #

      Yikes-that sucks!
      So sorry you got screwed; I went through that with a clutch I bought recently off etsy.
      Thanks for sharing!

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