Food with friends

30 Apr

Sometimes we become friends with people and we feel as thought we have known them for ages.  I met a couple of woman when my daughter went to preschool with their children.  My husband and I have become closely acquainted with their husbands as well, and all fell into a rhythm of enjoying one another.  This sounds like we are a group of swingers, not so and get your mind out of the gutter.  It’s all very g rated.  This past winter the three families went on a ski vacation together and had such a great time we are hoping to make it a yearly event.  I’m pleasantly surprised by the friendships because I have found it difficult to emotionally connect with people the older I become.  I am somewhat of a curmudgeon and think time is too precious to spend it trying to crack the egg and figure what’s inside.  Sometimes people start to reveal their idiosyncracies and I think to myself, ‘I would rather be crocheting and watching storage wars.’  This group is quirky, intelligent and I cherish the friendships.  Last weekend we spent the evening at a fantastic Indian restaurant and then listened to a Beatles’ cover band.  Pass the nan friends…


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