State necklaces

27 Apr

I am originally from San Antonio Texas, and I love many, many things about the great state.  My grandparents live in Bandera and I spent many summers visiting them in the little ranch community.  Most of my positive childhood memories are of time spent outdoors in Texas.  I love the smell of the pecan tree’s and I believe if there is a God she gave us blue bonnets to give us a hint of perfection.   They grow wild on the side of the highways throughout Texas, so driving in the summer you feel like Monet painted the landscape in lavender.

I was fascinated by the wild creatures in Texas.  Scorpions are abundant and oddly beautiful.  Road runners are the most hilarious looking creature walking on two legs and they have so many snakes you have to check underfoot before going for a hike.  Don’t even get me started on the armadillo’s-hilarious, versatile little animals you will NOT find in the midwest.   

However the absolute best aspect of Texas besides the Mexican food and barbecue are the people.  I spent nine months working at a live horse track after high school while taking pottery classes.  Many of the people I met and know are larger than life characters; not intimidated by idle chit-chat and say amazing things like “ya’ll” and “fixin to.”  It is the friendliest region in my experience and they wear cowboy hats to boot!  They do this as a fashion statement and necessity; cowgirls and cowboys are in abundance.  People still ride horses down the road as a mode of transportation, not for sport.

Some days my heart still pines for Texas, so let me address the fashion…I found this amazing jewelry designer who makes state necklaces!!  This designer is an artist in every sense of the word!


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