Paper bead necklaces!

20 Apr

Again, it’s national turn off t.v. week, so the five year old and my rambunctious two year old are begging for projects.  That’s a bold faced lie, they are begging for a t.v. show.  I inspired them with an awesome paper bead project.  Again I lied, they did however roll some paper (not to make doobs) that became beads!  I included a picture of our finished necklace!  I downloaded these directions from ehow…



-modgepodege and glue

-stick(i used shishkabob stick)



-Cover your work surface with wax paper.  This will prevent you from gluing paper to your work surface.

-Use the ruler to draw long, thin triangles onto your decorative paper.  The longer the triangle, the thicker the bead, and the wider the base of the triangle, the wider the bead.  Cut out the triangles.

-Turn a triangle over so that the most attractive side is facing down.
-Paint the less attractive side with a thin  layer of Mod Podge, coating the entire triangle except about an inch of paper at the wide end of the triangle. 
-Wrap the wide, unglued end of a triangle tightly around a stick.  The glued side of the paper should  face inward, toward the straw.  Continue wrapping the paper triangle around the straw, keeping the point of the triangle toward the middle.
-Repeat gluing and rolling with the other triangles until you have finished all of your beads. 
-Brush a thin coat of Mod Podge over the outside of each bead, then wait for it to dry.  When they’re dry, pull the beads off of the stick.



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