Yarn and bottle-gorgeous vase

15 Apr

I saw this little project idea on Penelope and Pip blog.  It looks easy, not labor intensive and chic when completed.  I have been loving wrapped yarn art ever since my girlfriends and I took a trip to Austin and this DIY idea seemed to pop up everywhere.  I saw covered driftwood in a Madewell store window, in a local art shop on cans turned vases and even as an art display in a gallery.  I love simple design idea’s that make huge impact.  Here’s the do it yourself page…

Get Crafty: DIY Wrapped Bottles

Beautiful-Wrapped-BottlesIf you have ever wondered what those cute little mint sauce and oyster sauce bottles lying around your recycled bottle collection could be made into, then this easy DIY is for you!

You can follow the simple steps below to see how we made these very cute wrapped bottles with just a few supplies from our crafting cupboard.

These make great gifts and are good for the earth too (especially if you use organic wool).

Let’s get started with materials:



  1. Assorted wool of varying width and material (ours is beautiful and soft and made in Australia with some of them having sparkly bits too!)
  2. Mod Podge (or other adhesive glue)
  3. Paint brush
  4. Scissors
  5. Assorted empty bottles

Follow the steps below to make your beautiful wrapped bottles (make sure your read the whole project through before getting started):



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