Funky Salvaged Wall Sculptures

14 Apr

My sister and I starting collecting these little houses.  I have an affinity for the patina of the rust, and the bit and pieces seem to tell you a story that is visually appealing.    A woman makes them from scrap materials found in New Orleans.   I love mixing up modern, mid-century with ecclectic, rustic art!  Here is a picture I took last night of my sister’s collection…

Here is the artist’s shop on Etsy.  Don’t we love to support individual artist’s as opposed to buying mass produced junk?!

nolasalvage’s Shop Announcement – ENJOY SOME COOL ART WITH HISTORY

Part of loving New Orleans is loving its architecture and signature shotgun houses. Another part of my lifestyle is the abundance of debris, I keep finding interesting bits of metal and beautiful old wood that I don’t want to throw away. These wall sculptures are a result of my love for art and junk!

Fleur Debris Saints38

$65.00 USD


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